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WP1: Project Management

D-1.1 Project Management Plan Oct '11 Restricted  
D-1.2 1st Project Meeting Oct '11 Restricted  
D-1.3 2nd Project Meeting Mar '12 Restricted  
D-1.4 3rd Project Meeting Nov '12 Restricted  
D-1.5 4th Project Meeting Jul '13 Restricted  
D-1.6 5th Project Meeting Feb '14 Restricted  
D-1.7 1st Quality Management Report Dec '12 Restricted  
D-1.8 2nd Quality Management Report Mar '14 Restricted  
WP2: Conceptual Framework
D-2.1 Guidelines for the Background Literature Reviews Nov '11 Public
D-2.2 Conceptual Framework Mar '12 Public
Background Literature Reviews (as Addenda to the Conceptual Framework)
  Review of science and
mathematics education in preschool and early years of primary school
Mar '12 Public
  Review of creativity in education Mar '12 Public
  Review of teacher training for early years educators and primary teachers Mar '12 Public
  Review of comparative education Mar '12 Public
WP3: Mapping and Comparative Assessment of Existing Practice
D-3.1 List of Mapping and Comparison Factors Jun '12 Public  
D-3.2 Report on Mapping and Comparing
Recorded Practices
Sep '12 Public   
National Reports on Approaches in Policy 
D-3.3 Report on First Survey of School Practice May '13 Public  
D-3.4 Comparative Report May '13 Public  
WP4: Analysis of Practices and Implications
D-4.1 Methodology for In-depth Field Work Dec '12 Public  
D-4.2 Internal Training Workshop Nov '12 Restricted  
D-4.3 Country Reports Apr '13 Public Belgium Finland France Germany Greece Malta Portugal Romania United Kingdom
Report on Practices and their Implications Jun '13 Public
Appendix: Selected Episodes of Practice Jun '13 Public
WP5: Directions for Teacher Training
D-5.1 Prototypical Guidelines and Curriculum Design Principles for Teacher Training Oct '12 Public  
D-5.2 Guidelines and Curricula for Teacher Training Aug '13 Public
D-5.3 Exemplary Teacher Training Materials Nov '13 Public
Addendum to D5.3 Nov '13 Public
WP6: Exploitation and Dissemination of Findings
D-6.1 Dissemination-Exploitation Plan Nov '11 Public
D-6.2 Project Website Nov '11 Public
D-6.3 Project Dissemination Materials Mar '12 Public
D-6.4 Activities Promoting Schools' and Stakeholders' Involvement
in the Field Work
Apr '12
June '13
D-6.5 Final Report on Creativity and Science and Mathematics Education for Young Children Mar'14 Public  
  Final Report on Creativity and Science and Mathematics Education for Young Children
Mar'14 Public
D-6.6 Recommendations to Policy Makers and Stakeholders on Creativity
and Early Years Science
Mar'14 Public  
  Recommendations to Policy Makers and Stakeholders on Creativity 
and Early Years Science
Mar'14 Public
D-6.7 Final Project Workshop Mar '14 Public